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Pure Golf Events

Spirit Hollow Golf Course Hole 13

We know you love to play the #1 Best Course to Play in Iowa, but we also know that many of you love to compete against other than your playing partners. That's why, thoughtout the year, we host a series of special golf tournaments. They are designed to test your skills and to have fun. Take a look at what we're offering this year, gather your playing partners and get registered for pure golf and warm hospitality.

Lunch & Learn begins June 26, 2020

Spirit Hollow 2020 Golf Tournament Schedule

July 4th Scramble on July 5, 2020 - VIEW RESULTS HERE

Shankopotamus Tournament Saturdays begin July 11, 2020

Every Tee Scramble on August 9, 2020 - VIEW RESULTS HERE

Patriot Day Scramble on September 6, 2020- VIEW RESULTS HERE

The Chili Open on October 18, 2020 - VIEW RESULTS HERE