Gold Tee Challenge Champions are...
 Our Champions for the Gold Tee Challenge shot 60(-12) to win by 4 shots.  Eric Ward, Jim Butler, Adam Moyers & Matt Cox.  We had all 68 players playing on this sunny, 55 degree Fall Iowa day from 7,400 yards plus.  A fun, humbling tournament for some of those that played just to see how good those PGA/LPGA Tour players really are from those distances.
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Rust Tee Winner shoots 59
 Adam Pfeiffer (Quincy, Illinois) shot a fine 59 (-13) to win our Rust Tee Open by 2 shots over Ian Nelson.  We had 52 players via for the trophy and Tee It Forward from our most forward tees.  Flight winners were Matt Armentrout, Hans Rabong and Cory German.  For the results from today's event click on the link below.  One more tournament from Spirit Hollow Golf will be held next week - Golf Tee Challenge!
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Results from Superintendents Revenge
 The winning team of Jared Johnson, Eric Ward, Jim Butler and John Russell shot 57(-12) to defeat 36 other teams to win the Superintendents Revenge/Chili Open 4-Person Best Shot.  Our talented superintendent Dave Beik set the tees and pins for the golfers.  Some were a little tougher than others but all enjoyed the "change of golf".  Chef Eric produced a non-revenge seeking Chili that was "all-u-can-eat".  To find out who won click on TOURNAMENT RESULTS.
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