November Golf Special
 November has arrived, well almost, still have that little Halloween Celebration to do yet.  We have two great golf specials for November for you to take advantage of.  Click on the link on our Rates page to receive this one of a kind offer.  We have a 4-some special and if you can't get 4, then we have another special for you.  We just want you golfing and watching the leaves fall.
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Still time to golf and eat at Spirit Hollow
  Looks like a great week of fall golfing weather coming up.  Give us a call as you may play during the week for $35 - cart and greens fee included.  LAMBO'S is still the place to have a bite to eat as you wait to play or just to come out and sit on the deck on one of those nice afternoons.  In addition we still have two tournaments still to play
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Results from Superintendents Revenge
 The winning team of Jared Johnson, Eric Ward, Jim Butler and John Russell shot 57(-12) to defeat 36 other teams to win the Superintendents Revenge/Chili Open 4-Person Best Shot.  Our talented superintendent Dave Beik set the tees and pins for the golfers.  Some were a little tougher than others but all enjoyed the "change of golf".  Chef Eric produced a non-revenge seeking Chili that was "all-u-can-eat".  To find out who won click on TOURNAMENT RESULTS.
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Rust Tee Open on November 1st
 Our 1st Annual Rust Tee Open will be held on Sunday, November 1st - 10 am shotgun start.  Have you ever wanted to play the most forward tees and just never had the guts to move up that far?  Now is the time move up and enjoy the day in true "Tee it forward" fashion.  Trust me when I say you will enjoy it.  You will get some different angles and views on our glorious golf course.
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Weather is too great NOT to play golf
  The leaves are changing colors.  The course is in perfect condition.  Only the diehard golfers are playing now.  Plus the weather is great so let's go play some golf at Spirit Hollow.  Then have a bite to eat at LAMBO'S.  Why? You never know how many more nice days in Iowa we will have.
Where the beer is cold, the food is hot and the course is awesome.
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Are you playing the correct Wedge?
Are you playing the correct wedge?  Here is a talk with our Titleist Representative Trent Cressy on WEDGES.  If you wish to have our PGA Golf Professionals assist you, please feel free to call us at the shop 319.752.0004
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Sun is shining. Never to early to book your Holiday Party?
 The sun is shining.  We just received our Christmas Tree.  All it needs is some decorating and PARTIES to make it a complete tree.  We want to make sure that you are aware that we have been and are booking Holiday/Christmas Parties here at Spirit Hollow.  We can accommodate groups as large as 120 in our Claret Jug or GG Conn Pavilion.  Dates are starting to fill up from those that thought about it already.  Here is the link for our reservation agreement and menus.  Call us at 319.752.0004 to plan your party.
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Chili Open on October 25th
Spirit Hollow Golf will be hosting 3 golf tournaments this Fall.  Our first one is the Superintendents Revenge/Chili Open/4-Person Best Shot on October 25th where you receive all you can eat complimentary chili.  All of our tournaments are flighted and open to the public.  Cost is $45 per person (includes cart, greens fee, range and prize fund).  Call 319.752.0004 or click the links.
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Twilight Rate October 4-7 starts at 8 am

We at Spirit Hollow are running our Twilight Rate October 4th through the 7th beginning at 8 am.  Bring in this post/tweet or show it to us on your smartphone to receive the deal.  $40 weekends/$35 weekdays

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LAMBOS for lunch on Friday? Book it

You know it's Friday tomorrow.  Sounds like you should head over to LAMBO'S for a little lunch.  Here is our delicious menu for you to look at while your mouth waters in anticipation of that tasty burger or brisket nacho's or a light salad for those watching their diet.  Either way you will enjoy the menu at LAMBO'S.
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